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Caldwell County Bail Bonds

828 Bail Bonds proudly serves Caldwell County in Lenoir, NC. We have Bail Bondsman available to help with immediate jail release.

We offer the lowest price bail bonds in Caldwell County with flexible, affordable financing options to assist in bringing families back together without causing undue financial hardship. We also work in conjunction with accredited rehabilitation agencies to maintain the delicate balance of treatment and control. We understand that jail isn't the proper place for rehabilitation.

Need a bail bond in Caldwell County?

Give 828 Bail Bonds a call at 828-537-BAIL.


Caldwell County - Lenoir, NC

2531 Morganton Blvd., SW, Lenoir, NC 28645

Phone: (828) 759-1511

Find a Bondsman in Caldwell County

828 Bail Bonds Agents maintain the highest level of professionalism in the industry for all of Western North Carolina.

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