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828 Bail Bonds Recognized as Top 10 Surety Bail Producer Nationally for 2023 by Palmetto Surety Corporation

Updated: Apr 12

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The team at 828 Bail Bonds is proud to announce that Palmetto Surety Corporation has recognized us as one of the top 10 Surety Bondsman producers nationally for 2023. This prestigious award marks the fifth consecutive year that 828 Bail Bonds has received recognition since the company's opening in 2018. The achievement is a testament to the team's hard work, dedication, and exceptional service at 828 Bail Bonds.

828 Bail Bonds Top 10 Producer

Based in North Carolina, 828 Bail Bonds is one of the fastest-growing bail bond companies in the nation. It has established a reputation for excellence in the industry. Palmetto Surety Corporation's recognition as a top 10 producer nationally for 2023 further validates its commitment to delivering outstanding client results.

With a team of experienced and skilled bail bond agents, 828 Bail Bonds consistently exceed expectations and provide exceptional service to their clients. The company's unwavering dedication to professionalism, integrity, and customer service has earned it this prestigious award.

"Being acknowledged by Palmetto Surety Corporation is a genuine privilege for the 828 Bail Bonds team," says Owner Michael Woody. "We are grateful for the ongoing support and partnership with PSC, which has been instrumental in our success. Their recognition of our performance as one of the top 10 producers nationally for 2023 is a testament to our team's hard work and dedication. We express our heartfelt gratitude to Palmetto Surety Corporation for their unwavering support and confidence in our capabilities. We eagerly anticipate deepening our collaboration and delivering outstanding service to our clients here in North Carolina, with PSC as our steadfast ally."

Palmetto Surety Corporation, a leading surety insurance company, recognizes its top-performing bail bond agencies nationwide based on their production and performance. 828 Bail Bonds has been recognized as a top 10 producer nationally for five consecutive years since its inception in 2018, which speaks volumes about its ability to deliver outstanding results consistently.

The team at 828 Bail Bonds takes pride in its expertise and knowledge of the bail bonds industry. It works tirelessly to ensure that its clients receive the best possible service. From assisting clients with understanding the bail process to providing prompt and efficient bail bond services, the team at 828 Bail Bonds goes above and beyond to help clients navigate the legal system during a challenging time.

828 Bail Bonds also values its relationships with clients and partners and is committed to maintaining high professionalism and integrity in all its business dealings. "We sincerely thank Palmetto Surety Corporation for their continuous support and trust in our abilities. As Joshua, our Chief Operating Officer, said, 'Our team and Palmetto Surety family is the most professional in the Southeast."

In addition to its exceptional service, 828 Bail Bonds is known for its local community involvement. The company actively participates in community outreach programs and supports various charitable causes, demonstrating its commitment to giving back and positively impacting the community it serves.

Palmetto Surety Strong

828 Bail Bonds' recognition as one of the top 10 producers nationally in 2023 by Palmetto Surety Corporation is a significant accomplishment highlighting the company's commitment to excellence, professionalism, and outstanding service.

With consistent performance and recognition from PSC for five consecutive years, 828 Bail Bonds has established itself as a leader in the bail bonds industry. The team at 828 Bail Bonds is grateful for the recognition and remains committed to providing exceptional service to its clients while upholding the highest industry standards.


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