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I Was Arrested, Now What? Here’s How to Get Out of Jail

I was arrested, now what? Here's how to get out of jail.

Whether it was anticipated or came as a sudden shock, facing an arrest can be an emotionally draining ordeal. Most likely, your top priority is getting back home as swiftly as possible.

The encouraging news is that, depending on your specific circumstances, you have several options for securing your release from jail.

If you or someone close to you has recently been arrested and you're eager to expedite their release, read on for valuable insights.

The sooner you regain your freedom, the sooner you can collaborate with your attorney to strategize and make any necessary arrangements with your family.

Swift Release Strategies

It's crucial to understand that no two situations are identical when it comes to securing your release from jail. Typically, it's at the discretion of the judge to decide when and how much it will cost for your release.

The state where you were arrested also plays a significant role in whether you can post bail and how long you'll need to stay in custody.

1. Making a Promise

To secure your release, one of the initial requirements is making a promise to appear in court. This commitment ensures that you will attend your court hearing promptly, where your charges will be reviewed by the judge.

This option is usually available if it's your first conviction and you lack a history of previous offenses. However, if your record shows previous missed court appearances, this choice may not be accessible.

2. Paying a Cash Bond

In cases where a cash bond is mandated, you must pay the entire bail amount to secure your release. It's worth noting that cash bonds aren't applicable for all offenses and are typically reserved for minor misdemeanors and infractions.

Depending on the severity of the offense, you may need a cosigner responsible for ensuring your appearance in court.

3. Dealing with Larger Bonds

For more serious offenses, you might be facing a substantial bail amount that you cannot pay in full. In such situations, a bail company can help. They typically require a minimum of 15% of the bail amount for your release.

Remember that this premium is nonrefundable, and collateral may be necessary for the transaction. You'll likely need at least one cosigner to secure the bail bond.

4. Property Bonds

If obtaining a loan for the minimum bail amount proves impossible, your last resort may be a property bond. In this scenario, you use real estate as collateral to ensure the bail's repayment.

This process isn't swift and involves substantial paperwork. The documentation will stipulate that if you fail to repay the bail within the agreed-upon timeframe, the bail company gains ownership of the real estate property.

You may be required to provide certified real estate papers indicating your property's current tax value.

How Long Will Detention Last?

The duration of your stay in jail hinges on the type of bail arrangement you secure and how promptly you can fulfill the bail amount. In severe cases, a judge may deny bail altogether.

Depending on the gravity of your offense, anticipate spending anywhere from 2 hours to three months in custody while bail matters are addressed.

Having a cosigner or someone handling bail arrangements on your behalf outside the jail is the quickest route to resolving this issue.

Get out of Jail with 828 Bail Bonds

Now that you are aware of the various methods to secure your release, it's crucial to choose the bail option that best suits your or your loved one's situation, enabling a swift return home.

And the best part is, 828 Bail Bonds covers all of North Carolina, so wherever you are in the state, we're here to assist you. The sooner you're back home, the easier it becomes to organize your affairs and collaborate with your attorney for the best possible outcome in your case.

If you require guidance or more information on our bail services and offerings, don't hesitate to reach out to us today. We're here to assist you.


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